Today in the city Livingston 13.11.2018
Every Celeb Is Wearing This Glitter — & You've Never Heard Of It

There’s a meme making the rounds on Instagram that reads, “How to clean up glitter: 1) burn your house down 2) move 3) the glitter followed you. There’s no escape” And it’s not wrong. So when we start...

Man Who Broke His Hip Wins Mega Millions Lottery With Hospital Pool

New Jersey hospital workers who helped an elderly patient become a Mega Millions lottery winner told Inside Edition they wanted to do something special for him. Earl Livingston, 87, left home to buy a...

‘A Million Little Things’ Picked Up for Full Season at ABC, ‘The Conners’ Gets One More Episode

ABC has ordered more of both “A Million Little Things” and “The Conners,” Variety has learned. “A Million Little Things” has been given an order for four more episodes, bringin...

One Man's Lucky Break Into A $1 Million Lottery Pool

Earl Livingston from New Jersey is 87 years old. He was headed to buy a mega millions lottery ticket when he fell and broke his hip. Then he joined the hospital staff's winning lottery pool.

New Jersey man's broken hip helps him win slice of Mega Millions prize

Earl Livingston, who is splitting the prize evenly with 140 other people, will take home $7,092 before taxes.

The Latest Hollywood Hair Trend Takes 3 Seconds To Master

Last year, it seemed like everyone was sporting super-duper long extensions. Referred to by many Hollywood hairstylists as "Cher hair," the look was a nod to the insane lengths the icon sported in the...

Grizzly Bear Attacks Man Hunting Elk Near Livingston

A bow hunter is recovering at a Bozeman hospital after being attacked by a grizzly bear near Livingston.

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